Hi, we're Crownhunt.

The New Hub for Hair Culture.

Why didn't this happen sooner?

“Life with curls sucks. As someone with tight coils, whose been turned away by salons uneducated on my texture, I know the consumer deserves so much better. We’re experiencing a beauty renaissance as a culture. We are learning to love ourselves.” - Stephanie LaFlora, CEO & Co-Founder 

Taught with Integrity

The truth is, curls and coils are a sensitive subject in a lot of spaces right now. Many see this era as one of industry progress and yet still time will tell if equitable change occurs. This is why we only partner with educators whose experience and reputation with curls is rock solid. Our subscribers learn from the best and have access to some of the highest quality content in the market. 

Black Owned. Culturally Intelligent.

Black hair entrepreneurs and consumers in the US are the most influential group in the industry, yet have sustained very little ownership. Crownhunt is rooted in the industriousness and soul of Black culture and built for all. We partner with a diverse set of extraordinary talent so that every stylist has an opportunity to care for the people in their community with authenticity and integrity.

The Future is Curly.

Actually the past, present and future is curly — our eye is on the future with a fervor nostalgia for the past. People with curls want better. We’re here for them by supporting the artists who serve them. Support comes in many forms: tech, community, education. We’re here to be a home to the vibrant community of curls and be the fuel to take it all to the next level 🚀.

Our Founders

Stephanie LaFlora

After being rejected for service at five separate salons due to her coily textured hair for Stephanie LaFlora realized that something was terribly wrong with the beauty industry. Driven to solve the problems of her own customer experience and already a serial entrepreneur, storyteller, marketer, and creator, Stephanie founded Crownhunt to make life easier for people with curly hair while helping under-resourced entrepreneurs thrive. 

Ryan Holdeman

Crownhunt picked up momentum when Stephanie teamed up with co-founder Ryan Holdeman and they used their backgrounds in data-driven product development to re-launch Crownhunt as the digital marketplace for textured hair.