The Art of Upselling

Stephanie LaFlora
November 9, 2023

If you're like most stylists right now, you're eager to figure out how to make money outside of the chair. So, let's get right to it! Let's talk business and how you can make those cash registers sing with the help of product sales. We all know you're slaying it with your killer hair skills, but adding product sales to your repertoire can take your revenue to the next level. So buckle up, because we're about to dive into strategies to boost your income as a hairstylist.

1. Curate the Crème de la Crème:

Listen up, trendsetters! To get those products flying off the shelves, you gotta offer the absolute best. Partner up with top-notch hair care and styling brands that are known for their awesomeness. Look for products that cater to different hair types, concerns, and styling needs. When clients see you've got the good stuff, they'll be itching to grab them off the shelves and take them home!

2. Educate and Show Off:

Knowledge is power, gorgeous! Train yourself and your team to be experts on the products you sell. When clients walk through your salon doors, take the time to understand their hair dilemmas and recommend the perfect products. Show them how those magic potions work wonders on their locks by using them during styling sessions. Give 'em a taste of the goodness and explain why those products are absolute game-changers. Trust us, they won't be able to resist!

3. Display to Impress:

Picture this: a stunning display that makes clients go "wow" the moment they step in. Spruce up your product area with eye-catching shelves, stands, and even testers. Organize those beauties in a way that's easy to navigate, like grouping shampoos, conditioners, and styling products together. Oh, and don't forget to showcase any awards or rave reviews right next to the products. You want those babies to shine like the stars they are!

4. Custom Recommendations:

One size doesn't fit all, right? So, give your clients the VIP treatment by offering personalized recommendations. Understand their hair needs, desires, and what makes their locks tick. Then, recommend specific products that will rock their world. Show them how those products will be their new hair BFFs, solving their problems and giving them the glam they crave. Customized suggestions make 'em feel special and eager to take those goodies home.

5. Incentives that Sizzle:

Who doesn't love a little extra love? Sweeten the deal by offering incentives and rewards that'll make your clients go gaga for your products. Whip up loyalty programs where they earn points for every purchase, leading to discounts or even freebies. Spice things up with limited-time promotions and bundle deals that make their wallets do a happy dance. Oh, and throwing in samples or travel-sized goodies as gifts? Pure genius! It's the little things that make a big impact.

6. Take Social Media by Storm:

Time to unleash your social media prowess, folks! Get your products out there for the world to see. Create kick-ass content showcasing your products' superpowers, with tutorials, jaw-dropping transformations, and testimonials that will make heads turn. Encourage your clients to join the fun by tagging your salon and using the coolest hashtags in town. When they see real people getting real results, they won't be able to resist hitting that "add to cart" button!

Sell with Crownhunt

With top-notch products, personalized recommendations, sizzling incentives, and a killer social media game, you're on your way to skyrocketing your salon revenue. Interested in learning how you can sell products with Crownhunt? Join our affiliate program waitlist!

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