Curl Specialist 1:1




All classes are taught by  Curlology  instructors a.k.a Curlologist who  take  students through courses and hands-on workshops  that mimic what stylists and barbers face with their curly clients, from the loosest curl to the tightest.

About the Class

Dive in deep with us as we teach you everything you need to know to be a curl master behind the chair. Upon completing this course you will have a well-rounded understanding of all curly hair textures. You will learn the fundamentals of properly performing a curly cut that gives your clients a gorgeous shape and body and use the correct technique to create a polished curl set that enhances one’s texture.

Together we will

  • Properly execute a curl consultation
  • Complete a curly cut using correct body positioning
  • Gain Product Knowledge for all curl textures
  • Understand Detoxing/Hydration/Cuticle Care
  • Understand and perform proper steps for styling all curl types
  • Discuss the power of social media & create your first social media post to announce to the world you are now a certified Curlologist


Will you use models or mannequins?

Hands-on Training will include work done on both mannequins & Live models.

Do you earn a certificate with this course?

Upon completion, you will receive your Curlologist certification

Are there any prerequisites?

You will need to fill out a contact form to schedule your one on one class before completing purchase. After the form is complete. You will be contacted for an intake interview . Class location & time will be determined during the intake interview.

Start Learning

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