Naheema Lafond

Texture on Set




LaFond is not only a known vocal advocate for equity in the hair industry, she is also an international educator and platform artist, having taught in over 15 countries worldwide. Naeemah is recognized globally for creating iconic statement hair for runways, global ad campaigns and celebrities. Her creations on textured hair have been a staple at NYFW and her work is often featured in top print publications worldwide.

About the Class

Many great things are born out of the desire for Improvement.

Texture On Set is a multi- pronged educational event that aims to leave professional hair stylists with the skills, information, and mindset needed to elevate the experience that they provide to coily/curly haired clients in the fashion industry. The Goal is to foster an industry that fully embraces Inclusivity and intentionally makes space for advocacy. Texture On Set is not only an event, it’s a call to action and a catalyst for change.

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