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"Crownhunt is not only paving the way for all stylists who have a passion for offering textured hair services, they are opening up the flood gates for the world of curly haired clients who have been left behind by the beauty industry. As a hairstylist of 10 years, I love that I get to be a part of this long overdue turning point in the industry.

The world is being given a gift, and I am stoked to be along for the ride.”
Jessie M. – Denver, CO
Bodhi Locs Salon, Owner


Sell curly hair products to
your clients.

Did you know the average salon makes 15% of their revenue selling hair products? Until now, this revenue stream has been less available to stylists who serve curly clients. This is why we're partnering with product companies to change the game for everyone in the industry
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  • BIPOC/Woman owned brands
  • Sales & Marketing Training
"I created Crownhunt after being rejected from salons due to having coily hair and learning the industry had a major education problem. I'm proud to be part of turning the industry towards inclusivity."
– Stephanie LaFlora, CEO & Co-Founder of Crownhunt

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